"Rowing is like flying, just better..."

In rowing there is no perfect stroke, you can row your whole life, there will always be something to work on. But there is the feeling of gliding over the water, being in synchronistation with your team, calmly breathing, being alive -
this is perfection.

A rowing double in smooth light on flat water (c) Julius Hirtzberger
A rowing double on flat water, athletes are pushing hard (c) Julius Hirtzberger

Racing at Olympic Games needs perfection. You have to put in the work over years and stay in the moment when it comes to racing. As an Olympian I know what it takes and am ready to put in the effort.

Greates Achievments

  • 12th Place Olympic Games - Rio 2016
  • U-23 World Champion - Trakai 2012
  • Gold at the Universiade - Kazan 2013